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Dr. Radden comes off as a well educated straight to the point doctor. He makes sure you tried every option to fix your back before he will even consider an operation. Unfortunately none of the other options worked for me. I am satisfied with my decision on having him preform the surgery. Everything was done roboticly and was a outpatient procedure. The robotic clinic he used is also used by other well known robotic spine surgeon in the area that made it even more settling to know. I'm not sure what these other posts are all about. Plain and simple if your back is killing you that bad go to the ER! There is a reason you need to wait. If you get a good doctor there will always be a wait due to how many people he sees. The bottom line is if you want to get fixed and live a normal pain free life it's hands down worth the wait. I'm normally the kinda person that will second guess a doctor. Wondering if their intention is to milk this issue for all it's worth to get more money. Not once did that thought ever come to mind. I can go all day about this but you just gotta take the plunge and experience it for yourself.

If your reading this doctor radden. Thank you so much for everything you do!

Bart Perkey

My husband is working with doctor bagley, and he is a very genuine caring doctor! Also his nurse practitioner Jennifer Watson has such a great personality and so easy to talk to! Informative of what you need to know! If you want the best care, come here! Traci the manager also helps and gets the work done if it was missed!

Tanya Hawil

DR Radden is extremely kind, nice and pleasant to talk about my spine and problems. As he talked to me, I can tell he is extremely proficient, and professional and highly skilled in the latest methods for treatment. I feel confident and can trust him. Best to you all!

K d Web

Have been under Dr. Radden care since 2012. They staff is a joy to deal with and I could not see myself trusting anyone else with my problems with my spine. A wonderful doctor who actually listen to your concerns.

Rita Terry

when I went to see doctor Radden, my back was in deep killing pain, within weeks I was I new person. After surgery with Doctor Radden, I never felt better. This is truly the caring Doctor you want to look for.

Jonathan smith

Doctors Trust Dr. Radden
“I never knew that I had significant back problems until I had an injury. From that time on, I was quite limited. I consulted Dr. Radden, who tried conservative measures which did not work well enough, and he did an extensive operation (in his wonderful outpatient facility) and I am virtually cured.”

Dr. Steven Korotkin Cardiology Associates of Birmingham

All excellent in what they do, a good job, well done! Doctor and staff; I love them all, like family to me since 2013 when I first met them

Marcia Thurman

It's hard to put your life in someone's hands. I was so scared and I thank you for taking good care of me

Mithal is very attentive and observant. She tailors our sessions consistently and keeps me motivated. My recovery experience would not have been the same without her.

-Deanna J.

Dr. Bagley is always professional and on top of everything.