We are a leader in Innovative Technologies!

Spine Specialists of Michigan is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art pain management, spinal care and orthopedic facility.

Spine Specialists of Michigan

Spine Specialists Of Michigan is a leader in Innovative Technologies! This includes: Regenerative Medicine, Minimally Invasive Robotic Spine Surgery and Cervical Disc Replacement with Mobi-C.

We are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of complex conditions of the musculoskeletal system.  To us, patient Care and compassionate service is our NUMBER ONE priority.

Our Spinal and Orthopedic Center has a full range of patient care. Options include diagnostic testing, pain management, physical therapy, laser therapy and surgical solutions.

We utilize the most up-to-date, minimally invasive treatment strategies for pain including medication, manual therapy, injection therapy or surgery to improve patient outcomes and results.


Pain Management & Regenerative Medicine Experts

Spine Specialist of Michigan is committed to providing timely and comprehensive evaluations with minimal wait times. We accept most insurance plans, including workers compensation and auto no-fault.

Spine Specialists of Mi is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art pain management, spinal care and orthopedic facility. The center’s personalized approach to service focuses on individual needs and allows for a comprehensive and customized treatment for all our patients.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

For Regenerative Medicine and PRP Injections, please call: 248-880-0294.

Chronic pain
is pain that you have had for more than three months.

Chronic pain is pain that is ongoing for more than three months. Many chronic pain patients have had symptoms for years. Typically, we associate pain with an injury that will heal over time and the pain goes away. This is a typical characteristic of acute pain. Chronic pain is different. Chronic pain persists and may vary in intensity. It may be caused by an ongoing mechanism such as arthritis, persistent nerve root compression, nerve root injury or other ongoing processes. In some cases, the exact cause of the pain cannot be identified and can be associated with changes that have taken place within the nervous system itself.

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FREE Regenerative Medicine Seminars

If you need to speak to someone about our Regenerative Medicine Treatments, our experts at Spine Specialists of Michigan will be honored to help! click here or call us today at (248) 880-0294 to reserve your spot!

Now offering free Regenerative Medicine and Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Seminars through Zoom Meetings

Spine Specialists of Michigan is now utilizing Tenex Health

Tenex Health’s minimally invasive technology is used to eliminate chronic tendon pain by precisely targeting and removing damaged tissue, without the need for conventional surgery.

Spine Specialists of Michigan has partnered with North American Laboratories to offer Covid-19 rapid molecular testing

Results in minutes, right in our office!

North American Laboratories now offers Covid-19 rapid molecular testing and highly sensitive rapid molecular tests for Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and Influenza, with results in minutes! ID NOW™ is a rapid, instrument-based isothermal system for the qualitative detection of Covid-19, RSV and Flu. It is significantly faster than other molecular methods and more accurate than conventional rapid tests..

Benefits of Molecular testing with ID NOW™ :

  • ID NOW™ provides fast and accurate testing
  • Only trained staff at clinics with CLIA-waivers may use ID NOW™. This waiver helps ensure our clinic is following appropriate procedures and quality controls to conduct our lab tests on site.
  • ID NOW™ is located in our office, removing the need to transport patient samples.
  • The rapid molecular test is easy to use, eliminating errors to make sure your test is conducted appropriately.

How does ID NOW™ technology work?

  • A sample is taken by swabbing the inside of your nose.
  • ID NOW™ examines the sample, looking for the DNA or RNA of the virus. All viruses and bacteria have their own unique DNA or RNA that carry their genetic information.
  • ID NOW™ multiplies RNA or DNA of sample from a few target molecules up to a billion in a matter of minutes.
  • In 15 minutes or less, results will show whether or not you have an infection.

To schedule an appointment please call (248) 283-4007

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Phil Good
Phil Good
May 10, 2023.
Staff is nice
Art Caldwell
Art Caldwell
May 4, 2023.
They're the Best of the Best.
Curtis Lowe
Curtis Lowe
May 2, 2023.
Day 4 post op and everything is going so well.. very attentive and answered all my questions and releived all of my concerns, definitely recommended!
Michelle williams
Michelle williams
April 26, 2023.
After meeting Dr. Gilyard, and having our first consultation, I knew without a doubt that I was in caring, capable hands.
Terence Williams
Terence Williams
April 12, 2023.
Spine specialist of michigan is the BEST! Dr Radden and Dr Lilia are the best! THEY ARE FAMILY! The staff is excellent and caring as well! I have been treating with them for over 10 years and highly recommend them to anyone with spine issues. I could not have made this far without them! Thank you spine specialist for allowing me to be taken care of by you!
Tha Mann
Tha Mann
April 5, 2023.
I love this place because the doctor and the rest of his staff treats everyone like a patient and not just a quick buck!
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