Total knee replacement is one of the most successful treatments to restore knee function and stop pain. Traditional knee replacements have been shown to feel unstable and move in an unnatural way. That’s why our Physicians are using MicroPort Orthopedics Evolution® Medial Pivot Knee System that was designed to provide patients with a natural feeling implant that works like a healthy knee. The implant bends and twists throughout a complete range of motion and it more closely replicates the knee’s natural anatomy.

The Evolution® MP Knee System reduces recovery time through minimally invasive procedures and is implanted with quadriceps sparing techniques that cuts less muscle, helping you return to daily activities faster. Other benefits of the Evolution® MP Knee System include improved outcomes, less rehabilitation requirements, reduced post-op restrictions and higher patient satisfaction than other knee replacement implants.

Our patients benefit from scheduled surgery in an outpatient facility where there are no delays from emergency care as may happen in a hospital, and our patients get to go to the comfort of their own home, the same day!

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