Our Physicians at Spine Specialists of Michigan have advanced training with Moventis PNS, the most powerful, smallest PNS (Peripheral Nervous System) Neurostimulator for drug free pain relief. Moventis is a wireless neurotransmitter that is implanted using a minimally invasive procedure and external transmitter to change stimulation of the group of nerves responsible for chronic pain.

Common peripheral nerves treated with Moventis PNS include nerves in the arm, leg, low back, buttocks, lower abdomen and upper thigh groin area. The benefits are no surgery or long recovery as Moventis is a minimally invasive device with a small incision site and long life span of 10 years. It is user friendly and as easy as a TV remote which minimizes disruption to daily activities. And there’s state-of-the-art support, where and when you need it.

The Moventis PNS procedure is a safe, effective procedure that is conducted with only local numbing of the surrounding tissue at our outpatient facility. For more information, please call us or go to